Contract Drafting and Negotiation

From sales to real estate to financing, a contract binds most significant business transactions. Creating a contract normally involves two phases: drafting and negotiations. A skillfully drafted contract can make a huge difference in your business dealings. This is why you need a contract drafting and negotiation attorney from Reynaud Aromi Law.

If you want a favorable contract that protects your interests then call Reynaud Aromi Law at (504) 452-3141. Our team of New Orleans contract drafting and negotiation lawyers has decades of combined experience creating contracts that satisfy our clients and their business partners. Don’t let contractual roadblocks delay your timeline. Call Reynaud Aromi Law today to expedite your contractual dealings.

New Orleans contract drafting and negotiation lawyer

Drafting the Contract You Need

A well-drafted contract is important on several levels. Not only can it help enforce your business interests, but it can also protect you in the event of unexpected events, such as natural disasters or economic collapses. Our Louisiana contract lawyers will make sure that your contract:

  • Complies with Louisiana law
  • Is legally enforceable
  • Makes clear and well-defined points
  • Reflects your needs and wants
  • Protects your intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Protects you in the event a partner is in breach of contract

Negotiating Your Contract

Naturally, the party on the other side of your contract will have their own needs and wants, and may possibly object to some of your requests. This is another area where the Louisiana contract drafting and negotiation attorneys at Reynaud Aromi Law excel: contract negotiations.

Our New Orleans contract attorneys have extensive experience mediating the finer points of contracts. They will do everything possible to ensure that contract negotiations do not become contentious, treating your business partners with respect, while simultaneously prioritizing your best interests. In fact, our founding partners emphasize treating every client and their partners with decency.

That said, all the fair treatment in the world does you no good unless you get what you want from contract negotiations. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience getting clients the contract results they want in courtrooms and boardrooms.

Contact a Contract Drafting and Negotiation Lawyer

Whether they’re a few pages or hundreds of pages, contracts are an essential part of business dealings. While some people like to handle them on their own, a single mistake can leave you liable for millions of dollars in losses. Or even worse, a poorly written contract can prevent you from receiving millions of dollars that are rightfully yours. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact Reynaud Aromi Law today.

The attorneys at Reynaud Aromi Law are committed to doing everything in their power to create the contract you want with the most favorable terms possible. If that’s the type of contract you’re interested in then reach out to us today by phone at (504) 452-3141 or connect with us online through LiveChat or secure contact form

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